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Birthdate:Dec 26, 1983
I created this journal when Livejournal started playing footsie with Facebook. I'm not comfortable with their make-out sessions but I accept their right to have one.
I'm also making sure that I have a place to go when the petting goes below the waist. And I'm sure it will. LJ may be a bit shy now, but FB is like Casanova in those matters. >_<;

About me:
I'm a lurker. I rarely comment and when I do, I have an anxiety attack for about a week.
I like reading, I read a lot (not only fanfiction) and sometimes I'll put links to interesting fics here.
I post rarely - once every two months, maybe? I think it won't change.
It's my fandom journal. I don't mix it with the private one.

I doesnt spik eglish well when that are not my first tongue. I makes mystakes plese forgive me and do not shot grammar beams from an eyez. If you not confortable with my english, writhe to I in my own lnguage.

To the reader of mini bio:
If you are reading this because you want to confirm that I'm human - you have your confirmation here: I'm human. Homo sapiens sapiens. Female, caucasian type, Slav, Pole. I exist in three-dimensional reality, not only the 0-1 one.
If you still have doubts about my humanity please send me a private message and I'll send after you my peop... I mean, send you more info.
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