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Only a few titles of fics I read. I want to write them down, since my browser is getting too slow having too many tabs with fics open, but I don't have time to update the recpost . 

I lost link to one fic because of tabs overdose ;_;. And it was good and unfinished. 
AU, Yondy alive, Naruto merged with Kyuubi, Konoha not knowing about him being alive except for few people. Starts with Sasuke and few others searching for Hokage's "pet" and not finding him. After coming home Sasuke meets a strange creature under his bed. 
I'll have to search for it on if I won't find it in a few days (searching in History didn't help cause it's only a week old and i lost it 3 weeks ago). 

Volatile by hina88,, NaruSasuNaru, F
In your eyes by Nao Angel,, NaruSasuNaru SasoriNaru (past, but sex described), IP
Regrets by Nao angel,, Naru+Sasu+Naru, IP
Tides and Ebbs of Honesty by Marcab,,  Sasu + Naru, IP  
The restricted section by 11,, SasuNaru, IP
Almost Sucks by Mashiro,, NaruSasu, IP
Blackmail and Betrayal by Zrina,, NaruSasu, IP
Chasing Naturo by AkaiTsume,, narusasu, F
Conquest by Adi,, IP, Naru+Sasu
A meeting with the Hokage by Mignonne442,, narusasu, F
Finally found you by ladywolfterri,, narusasu, F

random thought: the normal < lj-cut > (sans spaces) is not working, I have to use the rich text editor :(


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